Doctors For Your Mind, 2023
Creative Art Direction, Campaign Design, Concepting, Branding, Visual Design, Motion Design.
Client: Talkiatry

Talkiatry is a mental health practice that offers in-network psychiatry and therapy. In the US, only 40% of people with diagnosable mental illness receive treatment each year. The remaining 60% do not seek treatment due to reasons such as a belief that it won't be effective, financial constraints, or lack of knowledge about how to begin.

The aim of the campaign was to convey the message that mental care is a crucial aspect of healthcare, and psychiatrists are equipped to help individuals dealing with mental illness. Insurance coverage can assist in obtaining necessary care.

With the campaign, Doctors For Your Mind, the focus was on redefining the conversation surrounding mental health. By emphasizing how mental illness feels and providing accessible options, such as reaching out to a psychiatrist, the campaign aimed to change the way mental health care is perceived.

The campaign was designed to showcase two key themes: the pivotal interaction between a patient and a doctor, and the doctor as a specialist in the workings of the mind, represented by many different, dynamic brains.

As part of the process, I collaborated with the client to conceptualize and execute the first digital campaign for this startup. I created over 60 assets for a range of social media channels and produced commercials for several TV platforms.