FiSK, 2017Concept development, visual identity, illustrations, animations, interface design
Client: Danish Aquariums (The Blue Planet, The Kattegatcentret, Nordsøen Oceanarium and Fiskeri og Søfartsmuseet) & Copenhagen University

Credit: YOKE (Concept development, creative technology)
Photos: Bjarke Maccarthy

In the exhibition FiSK the visitors experience a journey through the kitchen: from cutting and weighing fish, cooking and eating the fish, to washing and cleaning the dishes. The interactive installations unfold all the aspects of consuming fish like nutritional benefits, preparation of fish, environmental issues and health risk concerns in a fun and playful manner. The FiSK exhibition consists of an interactive kitchen, a survey app, a film app and a visual identity to be experienced at the four aquariums. The platform FiSK is also a brand project for a research program of Copenhagen University.