Exhibition design, graphic design, animations
Client: IKEA Museum (SE)

Credit: YOKE (Concept development, creative technology)
Developed as an Art Director at YOKE
Year: 2018

What happens when IKEA products are made into artworks or completely new design objects? Digital installations created for the exhibition ‘IKEA Hacked: Our Products. Your Ideas.’ at IKEA Museum invite visitors to explore and interact with artworks by international artists, architects and designers – all using IKEA products as materials in their work.

At several locations around the exhibition, visitors are greeted by interactive, colourful plinths that hold information about specific topics related to the “hacking”-phenomenon. By turning an Allen key - the tool of choice when assembling IKEA furniture - in the middle of the plinth, visitors activate different animations or texts on either a screen or a projection next to the plinth. The speed with which the visitor turns the Allen key controls the speed of the visual output which creates a physical interplay between the analogue and the digital experience.

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