In the Making, 2022
Exhibition identity manual, illustrations, UI, animations, graphic communication.
Client: Design Museum Denmark (Copenhagen)

Credit : YOKE (Exhibition design, interactive instalations concept development and creative technology), Design Museum Denmark (idea generation)
Developed as an Art Director at YOKE
What is the life of a product before it gets to the hands of the consumer? How do designers work and have ideas? How can we look at objects differently?

The story of a design object is a story about fantasy and creativity. In a creator’s mind, everything is possible. Heavy objects can fly like birds. Light objects can be heavy as rocks and shapes can transform as we will.

To be able to have ideas one must let the imagination run and get inspired by everything around us, moving through a story we build ourselves.

For the exhibition In The Making, we have opened vignettes to stories that bring design down from the pedestal and enter a friendly and familiar universe. A universe that is free and always creative.