In Smoke and Flames, The Battle of Femehrn Belt, 1644, 2021
Visual identity and communication design
Client: Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
Location: Roskilde (DK)

Credits: YOKE (Exhibition design)
Developed as an Art Director at YOKE
Year: 2021

The exhibition ‘In Smoke and Flames’ is the result of several years of research, carried out by Danish and German researchers from the Viking Ship Museum and the Archäologisches Landesamt Schleswig - Holstein. With the discovery of the three shipwrecks, Swarte Arent, Lindormen and Delmenhorst, the museum brings to life the events that mark the beginning of the end of Denmark’s power in the Baltic Sea.

We designed an exhibition that was structured around a timeline, that guided the visitors through the key moments that lead to a very dramatic battle.

Our ambition was to make the visitors feel present at the night three major battleships sank: among the deep ocean green and the heat of the fire. We played tribute to the ocean and the fire colours, and told the story like in a comic sequence, one small event at a time, eventually expressed by the animated interpretation of the painting, the peak of our exhibition.