Milk Snail Pavilion — Illustrations
Year: 2020
Collaboration with the artist Maj Horn and the architect Søren Nordal Enevoldsen | SNE Architects

Illustrations for a public art proposal commissioned by the Danish Arts Foundation and Odense Municipality.

From the artist’s website:
The proposal, titled Milk Snail Pavilion, is a garden pavilion in a new green area with vertical plant structures and tall grass, created for social and artistic activities. It was developed in collaboration with SNE Architects and consisted of: 1) the pavilion's construction process itself, where local youth and professionals would develop and create jointly, 2) the pavilion as a free hang-out space, a bridge between the private sphere and public space, 3) the pavilion as a platform where Vollsmose's schools and associations could do outdoor teaching and other events, 4) the outline for a long-term art program.

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